DLS Dumper by jetset entertainment [web]

 DLS Dumper

2008 jetset entertainment

DLS Dumper is a small tool which was
developed during the implementation of
a softsynth for 4k games / demos.

It dump the contents of a given
Downloadable Sound file (dls), which
would usually be Windows' gm.dls for
use in 4k games / demos.

DLS Dumper extracts all individual
waveforms for easy reference, listening
and experimenting. It also creates a
C/C++ header file with information about
every extracted waveform.

Simply use it like this:

DlsDumper C:\Windows\System32\drivers\

All waveforms and the header file will
be stored in the current working

Be creative

Marc Kamradt

More at: www.jetset-entertainment.com