Photon Race 2 by Archee [web]

             Photon Race 2

A contribution to the 4K intro compo at
         NvScene 2008

Please run high_1920_1080.exe.
if it runs less than approx 15FPS 
run medium_1920_1080.exe instead!
The precalculation may take 1-2 minute.
Should have sound.
Windows may say during precalc and demo
   "application not responding"

low_ exes: raytrace level 6, half res
medium_ exes: raytrace level 6
high_ exes: raytrace level 8

On 8800GT or GTS medium_ runs smoothly.
The resolution does not affect speed,
the final image is stretched.

- Ray tracing
- Photon tracing
- Caustics
- Constructive Solide Geometry(3dbool)
- flare effect
- using Shader Model 3.0

More info and video at:

  Coded by Archee
  Music by Slyspy (made in 2 hours)
Contact Archee: 
  peterlurker (at) googlemail.com
  peterdutch (at) freemail.hu