Raving Tomatoes - Supershape ME by T$ [web]

 "Raving Tomatoes - Supershape ME"
 A 4k intro for Breakpoint 2009 by T$
 Requires DirectX9c (including the D3DX library from the
 SDK update, stored on disk as d3dx9_30.dll),
 a 3D graphic accelerator featuring VS 3.0, PS 2.0b and a soundcard.
 Initialization can take some time on slower CPUs.
 Compression handled by Crinkler.

 Running time: 0:33

 Files included:

 The following versions use 32bit color depth and a 24bit z-buffer with 8 stencil bits:
 * Ts4kbp09_1920x1080.exe (Compo version)
 * Ts4kbp09_1280x1024.exe
 * Ts4kbp09_1280x800.exe
 * Ts4kbp09_1280x720.exe
 * Ts4kbp09_640x480.exe
 * Ts4kbp09_1920x1080_windowed.exe
 * Ts4kbp09_960x540_windowed.exe

 Color modes used:
 Display format : X8R8G8B8
 Z-/Stencilbuffer format: D24S8