Luminagia by Loonies [web]

Loonies present


An Amiga 4k for Breakpoint 2009

Synth, effect code, design: Blueberry
Music, colors, design: Maytz

This intro was originally planned for
Breakpoint 2008, so it has been quite
some time underway. Read our diary
article in Zine #14 for the whole

This is actually the first time I
(Blueberry) do 2D (or fake-3D or 2.5D
or whatever) voxel. About time. This
intro features (as usual) a brand new,
specialized C2P, this time a hybrid
CPU/blitter one (using the copper to
control the blitter) in order to save
on the amount of data written to chip
memory by the CPU, enabling the voxel
to run oneframe.

Thanks to Tulou for assisting with
testing, and greetings to every Amiga
scener out there.

In loving memory of Rune Zedeler, who
followed this intro closely but
unfortunately never saw it completed.
I think he would have liked it.

Demos are meant to be oneframe.