BRS20YR by Brainstorm [web] & Zenon [web]


Simple birthday-production released at Breakpoint08.

Code: Tohe
Gfx: Critikill, Prm, Kalur, Mice
Music: Mice

Requirements: 020+some fast mem,
              AGA or CGFX,
	      AHI+dbplayer.library installed

OptiMiced for 060/66mhz/16mb

A lil' something about this demo:
Code is just old crap by Tohe, which I raped and reused (again).
Graphics.. Well, something new, something old, some leftovers, but 
mostly unreleased stuff which I now wasted to this piece of.. Cake.
Music required about 15 minutes of tracking and stealing from myself.

My train is leaving in few minutes so no time to fix any glitches^bugs,
hopefully this compiles and works with the first try.
Oh and if you expected something more, it must suck to be you. This wasn't
really planned, I just wanted to release something since it's our 20th
birthday. So no apologies, eat your cake and go to your room!
 - Mice