Polus by Panasqnic


by panasqnic

released at Main ADA Demoparty 2009

Arles France

visual: k
audio: n
gfx: ra
samples: riotbot, caveman

In opting for economic development through all-out industrialisation and intensive agriculture, the Soviet Union and the countries of eastern Europe showed little concern for the natural environment. The Aral Sea basin was turned into a vast cotton plantation and nuclear activities were concentrated in the area of the Barents Sea, despite the vulnerability of the local ecosystems. While the economic recession of the 1990s has made it possible to cut down the emission of pollutants, the lack of administrative controls means there may yet be worse to come. Western aid is distributed case by case, without any overall plan, and is below promised levels and requirements. Yet industrial depollution and reconversion could be a major undertaking crucial for the future of the whole region.