Lucifer by Brainstorm [web]

	   .: Brainstorm :: Lucifer :.
	            .: at :.
          .: Breakpoint 2010 :.
                 .:  :. 
     .: Programming - Preacher
     .: Soundtrack  - Romeo Knight
     .: Graphics    - Prm
                      Prowler :.
     .: Additional design, motivation, support and
        project management by a lot of Brainstorm
        members :.
                 .:  :. 
    .: Requirements - Windows, OpenGL, SM2.0. 
       Should also runs on OS X using CrossOver,
       perhaps with WINE as well :.

                 .:  :. 
    .: Greetings and love to all our friends 
       and enemies and enemies and especially
       the Breakpoint organizers. See you next
       year... somewhere. :.

                 .:  :. 
    .: I wasn't supposed to make anything this year
       but since it was the last Breakpoint, I was
       persuaded otherwise. And I think I really
       like the end result this time around. I don't
       have a PC at home and the demo was written
       completely in two months or so after work.
       Some days and nights ended up being quite 
       This demo, like its predecessor, is fully
       open source. You can find the source release 
       at the Brainstorm website. Native ports,
       questions, comments and remixes are welcome. 
                                      - Preacher :.
                 .:  :. 

    .: Visit us at http://brainstorm.untergrund.net :.