Talk Talk 2 - The Church of Excellence in Art by Excellence In Art [web]


This is TalkTalk2, or rather, the
readme file for TalkTalk2.

The demo requires a 4MB STE to run,
and will run fine from harddisk too,
just copy all files from all disks to
a directory of your choice, then run
TLKTLK2.PRG and enjoy faster loading.

If you're having problems running the
demo from harddisk, consider removing
all accessories and AUTO programs to
free up memory.

Also, if you're using HDDRIVER, making
sure "FAST ACSI" is checked in the
configuration seems to solve some

If you have a MegaSTE, the initial
loading should be a bit faster.

For more info, check TLK2READ.PRG on
disk 4 (or the folder you installed
the demo to).

Thank you for your time.