40 Caves by The Royal Elite Ninjas Inc. [web]

- 40 Caves     by      The Royal Elite Ninjas Inc. -

 0. Introdunction
 1. Keys to Success
 2. Notes from the Authors
 3. Authors
 4. Contact us

0. Introduction
 First of all, run the game with some of those nice batch scripts
 included with the game. Ie., choose runme-windowed.bat if you want
 the windowed mode or runme-fullscreen.bat if you want the fullscreen
 one. The game itself runs in resolution 640x480. We're also having
 some SDL related Blue Screen of Death issues on random Windows Vista
 setups. The update of gfx card drivers has fixed the bsod issue for
 someone so it might be worth to try.

 40 Caves by The Royal Elite Ninjas Inc. is a challenging 
 puzzle-game where your goal is to get all the treasures by
 any means possible. Use your bombs to destroy ground or 
 objects on your way and move the boxes to create a path to
 diamonds or ultimately to level-ending door. But be careful around the
 water since dropping to a pond will lead to drowning of our hero.

 Also, our gfx artist's compulsory military service began few weeks
 ago so there's some placeholder graphics. Be patient for the updates!

1. Keys to Success
 Arrow left/right      Moving character
 x + arrow left/right  Climb / jump
 z                     Place a bomb
 r                     Restart level
 l                     Volume down
 m                     Volume up
 .                     Mute / Volume
 Space                 Skip intro
 Return                Select level
 Esc                   Escape

 Check doc/index.html for a more detailed introduction!

2. Notes from the Authors
 This party version was made in hurry so there's only few levels and
 the game might include some bugs. We made some new levels to gamedev 
 updates and fixed some bugs: thanks to everyone who sent bug reports
 to us!

 We'd like to thank following nice dudes & dudettes:
 - thefox, testing 'n stuff
 - The Gang for making a kick-ass level editor for Chest, greets!
 - Everyone who gave us such a nice feedback last time
 - Saze, helping us with the bsod hunt.
 - TarhaTarha for supporting us
 - The Royal Adjutants: supplying katanas

3. Authors
 dysposin............. gfx
 liitin............... concept
 ruuvari.............. music & sound fx

 sm................... code

4. Contact us
 E-mail............... ninjafanmail@gmail.com
 WWW.................. http://kellari.ws/ninjas/