Atleeti by Archee [web]

                    Atleeti 4K intro for Assembly 2010
                                 by Archee

Fully procedural animation. 
A simplified physical simulation of a humanoid body and a ball.

A lot of changes have taken place sincs Darwinism 4K: the motion is 
this time continuous, and rigid body physics is used, unlike soft
body in Dariwnism. Rendering and music entirily rewritten to make space.
The AI bends the joints of the humanoid body to make it move.
The physics simulation runs 4200 times realtime using multi-core, 
which allows the Genethic Algorhitm to test enough moves realtime.
Written in neat C++, -of corse, keeping in mind, how the compiler works-,
with only few assembly hacks. Then crinklered.
It may slow down after a while if watching with only 2 cores.
The little precalc is for the music. 

All the above didnt leave enough space for proper gfx and music.
Here is how many bytes I usually spend on music:

   2007 Sumotori:      ~26000 bytes XM
   2008 h4vok:         ~700 bytes generated
   2008 Photon Race2:  ~500 bytes midi
   2010 Darwinism:     ~400 bytes midi
   2010 UFOnaut:       ~273 bytes generated

If you think,the anim is stored, run one of the randomizer.exe.

  - Crinkler
  - The melody comes from the famous song, which I can hear from the 
    street all the time: "Olééé ole-ole-oléééé, we are the champs..."