white one by Never [web]

                     white one
                a 4k intro by never

this intro is dedicated to a friend's lsd trip in which he understood
that the universe is white (not black) and one (not zero)... inside
an ambulance.

the effect is just one shader processing its own output from the last
frame. it does about the same thing as a feedback loop created by
pointing a video camera at a screen displaying its output as well as
some color manipulation. the shader takes 14 parameters that define
an effect. we fade between 20 of these effects. since the effects are
pixel based, big resolutions look better for most effects. the whole
thing is not deterministic (due to timing) and will look slightly
different each time you watch it.

nvidia only (probably)

 * 4klang
 * openmpt
 * iq's 4k framework
 * glsl minifier
 * crinkler
 * linux, windows, python, emacs, visual studio

 * music: cleh
 * code : cupe

 * thanks to flo, flo, flo, simon, andi, manx and oma