XTRINTRO by Extream

XTRINTRO by Emphii / Extream.
Release date 6.2.2011

This intro is meant to be STE(em) only.
It uses BLiTTER and modroutine uses
Microwire hw.
Even I have real Falcon, I did not try
to make this Falcon compatible. So if
you have luck, good for you.

This screen contains nothing superb.
It's just "hello everyone"-screen.

I coded this with Steem, and I had no
possibility to check this with real hw.
It didn't run well with Hatari.

Just couple of mentions:
Code: me, Emphii
Logo: !Cube / Aggression
Musix: you >really< don't
       want to know.. =D
Modreplay: Xenit / Aggression
PSGreplay: Crawdaddy / Chronicle
Fonts: Urbanfonts gallery,
       "Action Man" by Iconian Fonts
Packer: Atomik packer v 3.5 by Altair

Intro needs atleast 1MB STE. Intro
itself runs with lower memory, but
modplayer had some strange voladdr-
variable, which restricts this. I
have to deal with it, you deal with it.
=) Simple as that. =)

You can contact me via Atari-Forum.com
or try FB (Mika Poikonen, Viitasaari).
Now get your tissues and earplugs and
change to XTRINTRO.PRG =)

Sincerely Yours,
		Emphii / Extream.
		Finland, 2011