RetroDemo by Mistic JOE

Name: RetroDemo
Type: Demo
Platform: Amiga AGA
Author: Mistic JOE
Release date: january 2011
Duration: 6:34 (credits included)
Minimal configuration: A1200 with 1MB Fast (running from floppy)
Inside archive u can find: RetroDemo.nfo - this information file
                           RetroDemoR11p.exe - main executable
                           RetroDemo.adf - F-disk image with demo for UAE or real Amiga

Tested on: <working index>

WinUAE (A1200 4MB Fast RAM expanded configuration) <10/10>
WinUAE AGA fastest possible <10/10>
A4000 060/50Mhz PPC233, 272MB RAM, OS3.9 BB3 <2/10> (music and timing is too much crippled)
A4000 060/50Mhz PPC233, 272MB RAM, floppy boot, disabled caches&Deneb <5/10> (music and timing is mostly crippled)
A1200 030/50Mhz, 18MB RAM, OS3.0 <10/10>
A1200 020/28Mhz, 10MB RAM, OS3.1 <8/10> (some effects are a little bit slow)

Obviously there are some problems with running demo on my A4000, but no one says thats not fault
of that Amiga. There is a big chance, that this demo will run very well on your real machine, coz
in UAE demo has no problem with 060 processor (maybe some HW fucked it up in my A4000).