unet sydämen ajatuksia by Haujobb

Unet sydämen ajatuksia
  Dreams - thoughts of the heart
    Drømmer - hjertets tanker
      Träume - die gedanken des herzens
        Dromen - de gedachten van het hart
          Az álmok a szív gondolatai.
            Les reves sont le reflet de notre coeur

Sometimes  the things  we want  to say are  hard to express.  So although  the
poetry is gathered  from the ancient wisdom from  the far east they are really
also the thoughts of our hearts.

The people who contributed their thoughts to the intro:

     T i m o   H a r j u                                               visuals
     M i k a   S c h u l m a n                               even more visuals
     M a r k u s   P a s u l a                                     programming
     M a t t i   P a l o s u o                        musics, add. programming

     N i k o   P e l t o n e n                           translation (English)
     N i c o l a a s   E.   G r o e n e b o o m        translation (Norwegian)
     R o y   J a c o b s                                   translation (Dutch)
     D a v i d   D u r r e n b e r g e r                  translation (French)
     F r a n k   M e i s t e r & K a i   F i s c h e r    translation (German)
     S z a b o l s c   M e n y h e i                   translation (Hungarian)
The intro needs Win32+DirectX and works in  640x480 32bpp or 16bpp resolution.  
The player used is MXMplay for Windows by Elitegroup.   If this intro seems to
work too slow (swaps or so) use lowmem option.  (Even 64Mb of memory seems not
to be enough. What does Windows do with all that memory?)  

We'd like to send friendly hugs to everyone  who we know (and to those we even
don't know).  And especially warm hugs to all you  nice people who made  it to
the Trax00 party.

Contact information:

mpalosuo@cs.helsinki.fi (just for anything, "you ripped bstates" hatemail)
droid@freenet.hut.fi (bug reports :)
timo.harju@pp6.inet.fi (about the art)
mika.schulman@sonera.fi (more about the art)