Could be you by acidrain [web]

          -=( a c i d   r a i n   a t   d r e a m h a c k ' 9 9)=-

...general stuff  

   so let's talk about some requirements.

   this demo has been coded under modern multimedia technology.
   meaning machines like P3/450 and K6/400.
   just in case you happen to have not so multimedia computer
   don't expect this demo to be too fast on it. sorry.

   32 megs of ram, pentium based cpu with mmx required.
   fast pentium, vesa compatible graphics adapter and a soundcard
   for maximum pleasure.


   coding:                 Droid&Melwyn
   music&screenplay:       Melwyn
   graphics:               SolarC&Melwyn
   cityscene:              Kod

...video crew

   the man in the car:     Dolor
   guy who gets robbered:  Nemesulku
   guy without a watch:    Novous
   dead guy:               Tapeworm
   evil murderer:          Melwyn
   video editing:          Melwyn


   midas audio system      S2 (Petteri Kangaslampi & Jarno Paananen)
   vesa stuff              Hellfire&Cynic/Haujobb

...thanks also to

   Virne                   video packing routines we didn't use :)
   Droid's roommate        coz. we kept him awake sometimes..
   Dolor                   for scanned pics we didn't get
   Frank                   the spiky object was mostlikely by him.

...legal stuff

   Droid&SolarC&Hellfire are registered puppets of Haujobb
   Melwyn&Dolor&Nemesulku&Novous&Tapeworm are part of the real Acid Rain crew.

   naturally we don't take any kind of responsibility of these
   crimes we committed, hardware crashes or just anything.

...the usual "by the way" stuff    

   btw. there's a secret part in demo. try to find the right key
   combination (hint: upper case or it'll get you!)

   and btw. if you really want to contact us, try:
   melwyn@dlc.fi or droid@haujobb.de

   acid rain homepages can be found at http://surf.to/acidrain

...see you at tp9!  -=( melw & droid - 4.11.99 - "ja nyt kaljalle" ) =-