Berry Nice! by Luis [web]

Release Info
Name        : Berry Nice!                                       
Author      : Luis Gonzalez - lobster@luis.net
Music       : Dr. Vector/Megahawks Inc.
Compo       : Wild Demo                                      
Platform    : Mobile Phone J2ME (MIDP-2.0)                                  
Hardware    : Blackberry Curve 8530                                  

No JSR 184, M3D, MP3 or Proprietary APIs used. 
Tested on Blackbery 8100, 8530
Blackberry Resolution is 320x240.
Should work on most phones and resolutions.

@Party Logo : Raven
MOD Engine  : Martin Cameron - MuXM
3D Cheese   : Clint Bellanger
3D Star     : Savino

3D Engine based on code from Philippe Coval
Plane deformations based on formulas by  Iñigo Quilez
Lens Formula based on tutorials by Abe Racadabra
Fixed point math class by CW

Martin Cameron. MuXM Library

Iñigo Quílez. Academic Plane Deformations

Kramii. A Better J2ME fillTriangle

Oracle. Sun Java Reference 

Sun Microsystems. Performance Tuning

Ken Perlin. Improved Noise reference implementation

Robert Olofsson . Fast Fractals by Robo

Tubologue. Image manipulation with J2ME 12

Java.net. J2ME Tutorial, Part 1: Creating MIDlets

Oracle. Sun Java Wireless Toolkit for CLDC 12

Java Performance Tips

Oracle. Java Development Kit

Inverse Reality. 3D Transformations with Matrices