Black Belt Sorvi Hero by Pizzalaatikko

Black Belt Sorvi Hero
by Pizzalaatikko
for Windows, Linux 64-bit, Nokia N900 and Android 2.3.

Janne 'Japeq' Kulmala <janne.t.kulmala@iki.fi> - Code, graphics, models
Antti 'Amikaze' Rajamäki <amikaze@gmail.com> - Models, graphics, sounds

Tools used: GNU GCC C++, MinGW, Fedora, Blender, GIMP, Python, Scratchbox,
Android SDK/NDK, git, nano, Fluxbox.

Are you able to handle the difficulties of turning? Your job is to carve 
a given shape out of wood with a chisel. The better you match the shape 
and more accure job you do, the better score you will get. With earned 
score you can buy new faster and stronger chisels. Watch out for going 
too fast, as you might overheat your chisel or break the wood!

You can try to beat the high scores of other users on Internet by 
playing through all the levels!

High scores can be also viewed on the web:



Start the game by executing "BlackBeltSorviHero-linux-64bit" shell 
script either from command line or from a graphical shell. Some of the 
required libraries are included to improve portability.


To install the game to the device, copy package 
BlackBeltSorviHero-n900.deb and directory "data" to the device. The 
package does not contain the data files needed by the game and they must 
be copied separately. The files can be copied to "MyDocs" directory of 
the device for example by using an USB cable. When the device is plugged 
in to a computer, contents of the "MyDocs" directory is visible to the 
computer as the device. Copy the package and the "data" directory to the 
device and rename the directory to "BlackBeltSorviHero". The package can 
be installed with the file manager application in the device by clicking 
on the file. After succeful installation, an icon should appear in the 
application menu.


Before running the game, copy the contents of "data" directory to a 
SD-card and rename the directory to "BlackBeltSorviHero". Copy 
BlackBeltSorviHero-android.apk application package to the device and 
install it. An icon should appear to the application menu.