RED by BluFlame [web]


  code                    :-: TGGC, xTr1m, Hel

  sfx                     :-: xTr1m, LPChip

  gfx                     :-: TGGC, GRAPHICNOISE

  packer                  :-: crinkler by Mentor/TBC and Blueberry/Loonies
                              Shader Minifier by Ctrl-Alt-Test

  synthesizer             :-: 4klang by Gopher & pOWL of Alcatraz.

  greets            Alcatraz, ASD, Calodox, Conspiracy, Fairlight, 
                    Farbrausch,   Fuzzion,    Kakiarts,   Loonies,
                    Nuance, Panda Cube,  RGBA, Speckdrumm,  Still, 
                    TBC,  TBL,  Titan,  Traction,  Youth Uprising
                    atla, BlueCobold, mcdeck, matt|6s, pro, rapso,
                    rip, TomasRiker
                    anyone else from #gamedev.ger, #sppro and #cpp

  And we like  to thank  TBC/Loonies/Alcatraz/Ctrl-Alt-Test  for making their
  fantastic tools available to the public.  Also the information shared about
  raymarching by various sceners, especially iq, las and all the contributors
  to Shadertoy helped a lot.