Remedy 96 Invitation by Candela

Remedy'96 - Official PC invitation intro by Candela


Code     - Latex
Music	 - Tito
Graphics - Shape
Object   - Shape
Player	 - MikMak/HardCode

Contact us:

E-Mail   - insider@winpain.pp.se               (insider)
	 - zaico@winpain.pp.se                 (zaico)
	 - erik.stenstrom@mailbox.swipnet.se   (dexter)
BBS      - Timedrome (Candela WHQ) - +46-8-59071557

Requirements           386+, VGA compatible graphics card, some free mem...
		       GUS for sound 

		       Should work fine with EMM386, QEMM etc...	
Candela strongly rejects any responsibility for any unfortunate damage
to any kind of hardware or software that may occur from running this intro.
Although it's not very likely anything will happen..eh? :)
And as usual: You may copy and spread this intro freely, 
as long as all the archieve files remain intact and unaltered!
(had to write this, sorry :)
You may charge money for this intro, as long as we get a piece of the action! :)

                              	- ATTEND REMEDY'96! -