Turn It Back 2 by Seven

			 Turn It Back II

- a Win9x dosbox, or a good DPMI manager
- 16 MB RAM
- Vesa2 compatible videocard, with 320*240*32 support
- 100% Adlib compatible soundcard for music
- 4 Kb diskspace

Who made it:
Code: Seven
Music: Eggbird/Green

Psi's adlib player was used, kindly provided by The Watcher/THUB.
The stub is partly based on the Void3 stub, made by Franky and Shiva.
Apack by Jibz was used to compress the intro below the 4K limit.

- There's a waitretrace used to run reasonable well on fast machines. On slow
  machines, you might want to disable it to make the intro run smoother. This
  is done via the commandline
- You can turn of the sound, also via the commandline
  "tib2"    : sound, waitretrace
  "tib2 "   : no sound, waitretrace
  "tib2  "  : sound, no waitretrace
  "tib2   " : no sound, no waitretrace

You can reach me at Stefaan.Vannieuwenhuyze@rug.ac.be, till the summer of 2000.
After that, I will probably have left the university.