compo/filler by vrtx

 c o m p o / f i l l e r
         by vrtx
fastmade browser demo with
three.js. fill the compos!
sorry its rushed and not
complete, only had one night
how cruel and unusual to have
such an early deadline for
remote entries right?! xD
hope ya enjoy, a final 
post party version may be 
posted later :)

 respect to all who made
   it the party place!

greets soar out to mrdoob, 
alteredq and all three.js 
contributors, northern dragons,
bawlz, coda, youth uprising,
hornet.org, and all others
breathing life in the scene!
mad respect always to asd, 
farbrausch, portal process, 
quite, still, united force, 
xplsv, and you!

   [x] demo  [ ] die