Embers by The Digital Artists [web]

Embers         | This is our  contribution to the very first 1K intro compo
               | at Assembly in summer 2012.
by TDA         | 
               | Requires MacOS X 10.7 (Lion) or later,  an Intel CPU (duh)
for            | and a fast  graphics card.  We recommend using at least an
Assembly 2012  | ATI Radeon HD5870 to get stable frame rates at 1280x720.
1K intro compo | 
               | Compo versions  require the correct  display resolution to
code           | be set in system settings. They also exit unconventionally
TS & Firehawk  | so please disregard the crash dialog. :)
               | Each of the  "compatibility"  versions changes the display
               | mode for you and exits cleanly.  They also use the default
               | dynamic linker only so they work on Snow Leopard as well.
               | All code is  written in x86  assembly and GLSL.  The compo
               | executables are  linked and  compressed  using  the latest
               | version of our very own Laturi.  The intro uses Quartz and
               | CGL for display and DLSSynth audio unit for music.