JS1K Speech Synthesizer by Ribbon [web]

1K JavaScript Speech Synthesizer

This is a simple formant based speech synthesizer in less than 1K of JavaScript.
Synthesizes speech as you type, and whole sentences upon pressing ENTER.

The folllowing sounds/phonemes are supported:


Hope you like this entry for JS1K#4

Based on Tiny Speech Synth by Stepanov Andrey - http://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=50530
Optimized and minified manually, by yours truly, @p01 - http://www.p01.org/releases/

To go under 1K, I had to limit the synthesizer to two formant filters using either a sawtooth or noise and discard plosive sounds. In other words I had to sacrifice quality a bit.

Mathieu 'p01' Henri - @p01 - http://www.p01.org/releases/