KAAL by Pizzalaatikko


You are visiting Assembly 2013 summer party in Hartwall Arena, Helsinki. 
There is a big problem: Visitors have brought very bright lights and 
large speakers and are reluctant to turn those off. Your mission is to 
help the organizers to get all lights and audio switched off before a 
compo starts, so that all visitors can enjoy the presented demos without 
distractions. To improve your success, Pizza Box and ASM Burger have 
open positions where you can work to get better weapons and money to buy 
ES. You can also help the security crew to to wake up visitors sleeping 
in forbidden areas.

Windows, Ubuntu x86-64

Janne Kulmala - Code, graphics - <janne.t.kulmala@iki.fi>
Antti Rajamaki - Models, graphics, sounds - <amikaze@gmail.com>

Tools used:
Linux, GNU C++, mingw, Python, OpenGL, SDL, Gimp, Blender, libpng, libtheora,
libvorbis, libogg, git