NedoDemo 2 by alone coder & mayhem (speccy) & HOOY-PROGRAM [web]

Nick/Realname: Alone Coder / Dmitry Bystrov
Group: NedoPC
Full name of work: NedoDemo 2
Compo: ZX-Spectrum demo
Requirements: ZX Evo (+ TurboSound) or ATM Turbo 2+ (+ TurboSound) or Pentagon 2.666
Duration (minutes): 3:12
Contacts: dmitry.alonecoder@gmail.com

Code by Alone Coder and Lord Vader/MAYhEM
Music by Yerzmyey/HPRG
GFX by Jokov, Joulo and Alone Coder
Fonts from the Internet

17.12.2013 - 04.01.2014