RoboCop demo by kabardcomp & Team Site

Title: RoboCop demo
Author: kabardcomp & Team site
Reqiements: Apogey BK01c
Year: 2014


Code - Kakos_nonos
Music - brightentayle, .nix/site
gfx - brightentayle, .nix/site, Kakos_nonos
Tech help - Vinxru
english translation - cmapuk
moral support - mother, father, John Norton Irr, grandmother, grandfather, dog Topic, cats: Ryzhik, Sovely (Chernysh), and nonamed cat.
thanx goes to i8080 community and to all letters of Russian alphabet. 
something bad goes to PC, Amiga, C64, i8080 haters, modern gamers, stupid users, letters of engl... [error]

ìåéê äåìî, íîò âàð!