8088 Domination by Hornet [web]

8088 Domination
A Hornet production

This is a sequel to my 2004 production 8088 Corruption, which displayed
full-screen full-motion video on a 1981 PC with CGA and a Sound Blaster,
and was nominated for a scene.org award.  This sequel demonstrates
completely new video playback tech I developed on and off for 7 years,
and improves on the original in every single way.  The most important
difference is that it doesn't cheap out and use text mode; it fully
uses graphics.

To run this on any IBM PC, it needs a hard drive, CGA card, and a Sound
Blaster 1.5 or later.  Additionally, you should connect the RCA
composite color output jack to something (TV, monitor, etc.) if you want
to see color -- it only displays B&W on an RGB monitor.

Party .NFO -- I'll write up a full explanation later on how the tech
works trixter.oldskool.org in the future!