Volumiscope by DMA [web]

            /-\ /-\                  /-\ /-\
 -------    \_/o\_/  VOLUMISCOPE     \_/o\_/    -------
              /-\       by KK/DMA      /-\
              \_/                      \_/

Code        KK
Gfx         KK
Msx         KK
Synth       KK

Special thanks go to Marta, for her patience and support.

Many thanks to Mentor, Blueberry and all the people involved in making of Crinkler.

Greets to Reg, Lev, Kyan, Unc, Kylearan, Ninja, 8ball, Voyager, Bonzaj, AceMan, Argasek, Alias, TDC, Grey, Hannibal,
JAC!, Ubik, Kiero, Lamers, Futuris all the people at Riverwash 2015 and all people of the scene and beyond.

With memory of Spec...

If you wish, visit me on:	devkk.net
Or drop me a line at:		kk (at) devkk.net

Have fun,