DEADLINE 2015 AMIGA DEMOINVITE by Mandarine [web] & top right bottom left [web]



           An AMIGA OCS demo by Mandarine
              released on 19/09/2015

             credits :

             Mog   - 2D Art & Typography
             Fra   - Code & Bitmaps massaging
             Med   - Music
             V3nom - Scrolltext
             RichGel1999 - MiniZ Compressor


This demo should preferably be ran on a stock A1200,
but it requires at least an A500, with at 1Meg of RAM

Tested on OCS, ECS, AGA, with an 68000, 020, 030,
using the kickstart/ROMs 1.2, 1.3, 2.0.1 and 3.0.

I apologize for the low performances on a 68000.
This demo was fully written in C, as always :)
                Thanks for watching!
                Today is my birthday!
            Fra^Mandarine - September 2015


1983 calls for your bytes!

Come and join us for a weekend full of fun, 
competitions and meeting of old and new friends 
in the pulsating city of Berlin, Germany.

The partyplace is located in the north-east of Berlin, 
easily reachable by plane, car or train. 
It features space for up to 200 people, 
a big outdoor area (bonfire!), a separate sleeping area, 
nearby shops, hotels and lots more.

Expect a wide variety of competitions, 
amazing live-acts, seminars, retro-gaming 
and much more yet to be announced..
We look forward to partying with you and of course
are thrilled to see your entries, regardless of platform!

Here's a special announcement 
for all you chiptune-lovers out there: 
On Friday we will host Autumn Blips @ Deadline 
- a chiptune festival inside the festival: 
7 Chiptune Artists from all over Europe 
will make you dance using their Gameboys, Spectrums, 
Beepers and Mods. All included in the normal ticket!

So start your engines, boot your C64, 
spin the floppy-disks and head your way
to the future of 1983.

Bass – Pixels – City Lights.