f8:5 by Rtificial [web]

         ____ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___
 --~===||  R   T   I   F   I   C   I   A   L  ||===~--
          ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ____|'

                    @ REVISION 2016

               ---     presents:     ---

               ---  a  PC 64k intro  ---

 --~==||  A B O U T
       |   oh shit we still don't have a name
       '   this  prod  really  didn't  have a
           good start. _vincent  was occupied
           for the most part  with his bache-
           lor    thesis   after   evoke  and
           deadline 2015.  dr. b is abroad in
           finland,  ps0ke and ro0mquy had to
           do some  tedious  physics lab work
           the week before the party.

           most of  the credit  here  goes to
           _vincent and Dr. B,  who skypingly
           prepared  the hell of a good rough
           cut of the scenes.

           since our  in-house synthesizer is
           still in the making and  dr. b was
           neither satisfied  with the  sound
           of v2  or 4klang we...  used both!
           after  some horrible  frankenstein
           surgery  the  doctor  was able  to
           dual-wieldingly  compose with both
           synths. what a pleasure.

           not  really sure wether we'll make
           it  at  all  another   opportunity
           arose:  we were offered to make an
           invitation  for the function 2016.
           after we a ccepted the offer there
           was no other  choice but to finish
           it in time.  and  we made  it.  so
           here  we are with  our first  ever
           invitation. pretty proud!

           shouts  go out  to  our very dedi-
           cated  musician  dr. b  who  could
           not  make it  to the  party,   but
           but  worked day  and night with us  |
           remotely. we <5 u!                  ||==~--

 --~==||  C R E D I T S
       |   code, editing, visuals:
       '          _vincent
           music, code:                              |
                  Dr. B                        ||==~--
 --~==||  R E Q U R I M E N T S
       |   Windows
       '   Nvidia graphics card               |