Pheromone by Peisik [web]

    - a 32k intro by Peisik.

A remote entry for Simulaatio 7.
You need a fast GPU for this one!

  Graphics:           msqrt
  Synth & direction:  cce
  Bitmap hackery:     Atomim

.Rendering tech:
  Standard unidirectional path tracing of 3 bounces with all kinds of 
  MIS and a whopping 4 paths per pixel, aided by a semi-hacky bilateral 
  filter. The scene is a few planes and an IFS with an implicit sphere 
  BVH traversed with a local stack -- marching is for people who don't 
  have enough rays to trace.

  A custom brute force additive GPU synthesizer, everything is done in
  a single pass. Super fast, precalculates the song in mere seconds.
  Anything is better than V2!
.Thanks & Greets
  Thanks to Kusma for GNU Rocket 
            TLM for Ground Control
            ryg for kkrunchy
  Greets to Conspiracy, Mercury, Prismbeings, rtificial and Ivory Labs.