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                   ³    MIRACLE Productions'      ÃÄ¿
                   ³                              ³ ³
                   ³         HIGHER DESIRE        ³ ³                                           ³
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  Miracle Prods. Information TextFile dated 10 August, 1995

  þ File Contents:

        1. Miracle Memberlist
        2. Contacting Miracle
        3. Hardware requirements
        4. Comments about H.D.
        5. Thank You
        6. Greetings/Misc comments


 1. Miracle Memberlist

       Handle           Real Name            Age        Occupation

       ToadStool        Carles Cuf¡          18         Coder
       John             Juan L. Abadia       21         Coder
       Data             Marc Salmurri        18         Musician
       Kiwi             David S nchez        22         Coder/Sysop

 2. Contacting Miracle

        Email:                71333.3112@compuserve.com

        Fax:                  +34-3-7952811     (John)

        World HeadQuarters:   Rendering in Progress BBS
                              16.8k - 1.2Gb
        Distro site:
                              6 nodes
                              28.8 v.34 , v.fc , v.34+
                              sysop lord cyrix / s!p

        Fidonet:              3:343/108.53                (John)

        Mail:                 ToadStool/Miracle
                              Carles Cuf¡
                              Uruguai 4
                              08190 St. Cugat del V.

 3. Hardware Requirements

       The demo will NOT run without:

       þ 386 or higher processor
       þ 4 Mb of RAM (About 2500 Kb of free extended memory)
       þ Register-compatible VGA card
       þ About 500 Kb of free low memory
       þ A memory manager (XMS/VCPI) loaded

       However, it will look(sound) much better with:

       þ Gravis UltraSound (512 Kb)
       þ Math coprocessor
       þ VESA-compatible Super VGA
       þ VLB video card / 486+ processor

 4. Comments abour H.D.

        You might find some of the hardware requirements a bit weird, but as
        always there's a reason for them:

        - Math coprocessor: In the raytraced world, the 'alien view' effect
          requires a very big look-up table. To avoid storing it on disk,
          we decided that it was wiser to use the coprocessor, as almost
          everybody has got a 486dx nowadays.
          If no coprocessor is present, the world will run without the

        - VESA Super VGA: As you might know, raytraced graphics' appeal
          relays strongly on details, and those were almost completely
          lost when rendering in register compatible resolutions.
          Again, most people have a reasonably VESA compatible SVGA
          these days, so there shouldn't be much trouble with this.
          If no VESA interface is detected, the reflected cubes and
          spheres image will be shown in 320x240 instead of 640x480.

        This is our first demo both as a group as individually, bcoz
        none of us had ever been envolved on any release.

        It has been coded entirely in 386 assembler and it runs under
        my (ToadStool) Protected Mode Interface. We have tested it with
        XMS, EMM86 and QEMM and it seems to run ok, however, there's
        some risk of screwing up under weird XMS systems.
        If you get an exception or the thing hangs up just try different
        configurations (XMS/EMM/QEMM) and if still hangs just run it on
        some friend's computer. We're really sorry about this hanging
        problem but we just ran out of time and there was no way out.

        While coding a demo you realize how extremely pathetic Real Mode
        is as opposed to Protected Mode. If you are a PC coder and are
        still coding in real mode, Wake Up! Use Tran's (or some other)
        interface or code your own and forget about memory barriers and
        prefix bytes.
        Personally I haven't tested Flat Real Mode, though I have read
        a bit about it in the Imphobia diskmagazine. It probably is quite nice,
        but I don't really see the point in using it when there's Protected
        Mode available.

        The raytracer was coded quite a while ago by John and Kiwi, and
        it really is cool, though when 3DStudio appeared PC raytracing
        lost much of its original fun.
        The B‚zier-curve 3D object generator was also coded by John.

        Sorry for the final lack of Sound Blaster support, but the thing
        was going to unstable with it, so we decided to take it out.

 5. Thank You

        Thanks to:

        þ IGUANA   for letting us use their computer (Thanx Doodz!!!)
        þ JCAB/Ign for the incredible help he gave us in the party place.
        þ Xim      for the great info and help.
        þ Madchip  for letting us use his scanner.
        þ DJ Dare  for the great samples.

 5. Greetings

 Miracle sends greetz to:

        Iguana, Dust, Legend Design, Cubic Team, Deus, Jamm, Abbadon
        Nooon, Realtech, Triton, Future Crew, Imphobia, Complex
        CDA VR, Capacala, Orange, Impact Studios, Infiny

        and to everybody at ASSEMBLY'95...

 ToadStool & Data specially greet the following people/companies for making
 our lifes still happier than they would be without them:

    Music Groups:

                   þ GREEN DAY
                   þ REAL McCOY
                   þ OFFSPRING
                   þ TLC
                   þ JMJarre
                   þ ...

    Soft/HardWare Companies:

                   þ Sony Comp. Ent. (We didn't expect so much of the PSX!!!)
                   þ Rare Ltd.
                   þ ID Software
                   þ Namcot (Tekken's I and II motion rocks!!!)
                   þ Nintendo (We're waiting for your revolution!!!)
                   þ Sega (Please add transparencies to your Model 2 board)
                   þ Psygnosis (3 years ago our dreams were smthing similar
                                to PlayStation's Wipe Out)
                   þ Konami, Capcom and all other major cool jap game companies

                   þ Every coder moving from the demo scene to a games
                     company deserves the very best of luck
                   þ ...

    Soda companies:

                   þ Coca-Cola
                   þ Snapple's
                   þ ...


                   þ Shigeru Miyamoto
                   þ Jay Leno/David Letterman (keep up the big fight)
                   þ Cindy Crawford
                   þ Will Smith
                   þ Scatman John (or whatever your name is)
                   þ Beavis & Butt-head
                   þ ...

    Sucking things:

                   þ European MTV
                   þ Spanish Almost Everything
                   þ Interlaced low-rez TV
                   þ PAL consoles!!!! (17% slower and NOT full screen: DOH!!!)
                   þ ...

  Last Minute Note:

                   We are foolnonselfesteemedlazynarrowmindedstupid...

 All names are trademarks of their respective companies.
                                (Or something like that)