Viewing Interface by Prometheus

#coders 256 byte fire compo - Viewing interface

HEY! The view program doesnt work!
Ummm... whoops :)
Yeah, on some older monitors the video mode wont work so:
1. Buy a new monitor!
2. Run all the entries manually (hey, its not that hard) 

Here's some useless program parameters for ya...

'view 32'   - attempts to use VESA 2.0 320x200 32bpp mode w. LFB
'view 24'   - attempts 24bpp mode...
'view 16'   - blah blah ...
'view 15'   - um.. take a guess ;)
'view FAKE' - forces VGA TrueColor fake
'view LIST' - lists all VESA 2.0 graphics modes (if any)
(note.. view.exe automatically uses the best graphics mode available)

If you have UniVBE installed make sure its version 5.2 or better
because previous versions of UniVBE dont have support for low-resolution
high-color modes. (go to www.scitechsoft.com, its called "sdd52" now)

Greets to all the cool guys on #coders
Goblin, for his help with this production
(gobz, the optimisation king *8)

Thanks to TRAN for pmode/w, 
and Liket for the tweakedmode used in this production

#coders 256 byte fire compo organiser