Wobbler by Gem

 _  _ _ ___ __Wobbler__ _ ___________ _ _ _ _________ __ _  _   _

        by Gem

        4kb intro at the Flag 2002 party, Hungary
 _  ______________________________________________________ ___  _

	Hi and welcome to the world of Wobbler! I hope this
	intro does worth its 4 kilobytes on your harddrive.
	This is my second 4k intro. The other was Anatyda
	at Mekka 1999, which was to my knowledge the first
	Windows 4k. Since then it became a standard to make
	intros for Windows. Now you won't get shouts by dumb
	people that Windows sucks when the intro is shown on
	the bigscreen. It seems that people realized that it's
	the same challenge to code and optimize an intro for
	Windows	as for DOS (or for Amiga - as you prefer). But
	this did not make me optimistic about intros. I think
	that size optimization is becoming meaningless. Back in
	1980s when the intro competitions were established,
	it was a general programming goal to make small code.
	But the code size simply does not matter on present day
	computers. Size coding is a tradition kept up solely by
	intro competitions. By now a coder can not use this
	knowledge anywhere else in the IT world. And what the
	worst is that even among sceners there are less and
	less people who pay attention to intro competitions and
	appreciate the effort put in these works. These are the
	reasons why Wobbler was my last assembly code.

	Thanks for your support Rod, Mephizto, Nikon, Ebola,
	Wad, Tsg, Boyc, Nagz, Noel, Nap, Geza, Picard, Reptile.

	Signed, Gem.
	(ex Gekko/CLS/Astral/CHT)

 _  _____(*)_requirements__________ _ _ _ _________ __ _  _   _

	. Windows'98 or Windows 2000
	. OpenGL
	. TNT2, GeForce2 or compatible video card
	. sound card
	. 128 MB RAM

 _  _____(?)_information___________ _ _ _ _________ __ _  _   _

	Wobbler was coded in pure assembly.
	The music code includes a TB-303 emulator.

	The intro was compiled with NASM, linked with a
	modified Alink, packed with an own exe to com encoder
	(Dropper) and compressed with UPX.

	I will release the Dropper soon.

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	#demoscene (ircnet)