Oidos by Loonies [web]

Oidos by Blueberry / Loonies

Oidos is a software synthesizer for 4k/8k intros, designed to be
used with Renoise (though support for other DAWs may come later).

Oidos features:

- Ease of use for the musician: Pull sliders to change the sound.
- Easy integration into your intro code.
- Self-contained Renoise songs and instruments.
- Wide variety of sound in a small size.
- Unlimited polyphony: Play chords and you get chords. :)
- Configurable reverb effect.
- Detailed feedback to help in size/time optimization.
- One-(double)click solution for executable music production.
- Many example songs and instruments by Punqtured.
- Completely open source: https://github.com/askeksa/Oidos

Oidos can be freely used under the very permissive Zlib license.
Attribution is not required, but a note mentioning usage in your
accompanying text file will be appreciated. :)