Where the dead things dwell by Architect

   an 8k intro by ARCHITECT
Windows, Nvidia, OpenGL 4.5.

merry: code, visuals, music.
gallo: materials, tools.

This intro wouldn't be possible without the kindly help and support from:
our families (merry: Magda, JM & David charged full of patience & love, 
gallo: Tamara for her patience while I was coding late at night),
shash^collapse (very special thanks for our endless technical chatting);
slack^collapse, una-i^WAHT, sergi^DLE, hector^DLE, min^min&merry,
gopher^Alcatraz, pOWL^Alcatraz, mentor^TBC, Blueberry^Loonies.

Our respect goes to:
winden^network, tag^none, wisefox, grx^PandaCube, iq^RGBA, all people  at
P÷uet and ShaderToy, and of course our all-time classics Alcatraz, Mercury, 
Razor 1911, Phenomena, Conspiracy, Silents, Fulcrum, Titan, RGBA, Cocoon,
TBL, TBC, Loonies and many others we forgot.

Final version coming some day in a galaxy far far away...