Skrollightenment :: An intro Made for Skrolli Party 2017

Code:           inDigiNeous / Deeku (http://psitriangle.net)
Throat Singing: Imre Peemot         (https://imrepeemot.bandcamp.com/releases)

System Requirements

Mac Os X 10.11+, MacBook Pro 2015 with a NVidia / Intel Iris GPU
Will run on older NVidia GPUs too, but you might have to run with:

'open skrollightenment.app --args -a 4'

This will set the antialiasing to 4 samples, by default using 8 which might be slow with older GPUs. Been developing on a 2010 MBP, so should work fine on that too :)

NOT tested on AMD GPUs! Your success may vary. Might not work at all, or at least the geometry part might not be working.

To run in windowed mode, add '-f' to the commandline arguments. 
See '-h' for more options.

A few words and greetings

My and our first intro, won the compo at Skrolli Party, *yay*
Thank you for the organizers of Skrolli Party, hope to see you next year with more entries and more people. http://party.skrolli.fi

Intro is using my own custom built 3D engine, PsiTriangle Engine. 
Built with Modern C++, OpenGL 3.3+ and Lua -scripting, from the ground up during the past two years.

Featuring geometry engine preview designed for our upcoming application, Geometrify, that let's you create sacred geometry in 3D space, with Virtual Reality support.

Check out http://Geometrify.NET for more info and progress on that.

Greetz go to: 

#skrolli, ##OpenGL (freenode), #openGL (ircnet) and
viznut, naavis, thihi, tdb, k1, tar1na, mikkohoo, miika kuisma, tullgren, tony tiikeri, gustavo, big up!

-- inDigiNeous