Tint by The Black Lotus [web]

Short:	  "Tint" by TBL.
Author:	  d94mgr@blg.du.se (Offa/The Black Lotus)
Uploader: d94mgr@blg.du.se (Offa/The Black Lotus)
Type:	  /demo/aga/

The Black Lotus presents a demo called "Tint" released at 
"The Gathering 96".

This Demo is Public Domain and may freely be spread around
the globe. This file must be spread along with the demo.

This product may NOT be sold to gain any profit without a
written agreement from the authours.

The Black Lotus can NOT be held responsible for any damage
caused to your system when executing the demo.

The demo WILL work with enforcer (But enforcer WILL slow 
down the demo.)

The demo is tested on diffrent accelerators including 060.

It's seems to have some slight problem with some 4MB -
memory cards (No acc.) It seems to work better if you
run the demo right after a clean boot...

Hardware requirements:	MC68020	(A1200 and above)
			AGA chipset.
			PAL video
			2 Megs of chipram.
			4 Megs of Fastram.
			5 Megs of HD space
Hardware recommended:	MC68030 28Mhz and above

Installation:		Read INSTALL.TXT on disk 1

Start demo:		Use shell to get to the demo-
			directory and type "TBL-TINT.EXE"

Contact TBL:		E-Mail:		d94mgr@t.hfb.se (Offa)
			S-Mail:		Hansen	(Equalizer)
					Rödav. 24
					S-78430 BORLÄNGE
			Voice:		+46(0)243-88925  (Eq)
					     010-6847944 (Eq)

CU at "ICING 96" ...  / Equalizer&Offa