visit berlin by Peisik [web]

 visit berlin
   by Peisik

   a 4k intro for Deadline 2017

code & music by cce

  Blueberry & Mentor for Crinkler
  gopher for 4klang
  LLB for Shader Minifier
  Mercury (i stole some stuff off hg_sdf)
  las, nystep, iq for tricks
  noby for intro framework code

Oldschool greetingz:
  Faemiyah, Logicoma, Conspiracy, Collapse,
  Poo-Brain, Dither, Tomohiro, 0x4015,
  visy, LJ, rimina, noby, fizzer, osyn,
  varko, supramaterial, sooda, cyndis,
  umbrian chilimasters, Virgill,
  #korpo, flamero, tsurbf, make, msqrt

Tested with NVIDIA Only™.
Might contain traces of Huoratron.