Crazy Priest Extra

Crazy Priest Extra - expecially released for first time on the best Polish
retro party Retrokomp/Loaderror 2017 in Gdansk/Poland (www.retrokomp.org).

Contains in the main folder 2 executable files:
- Crazy Priest Extra (single player mode with 16 levels)
- Crazy Priest Multi (multi player mode with 8 additional levels for 
quick and funny games. Do not hestitate to play a multiplayer mode of this
game on Amiga and any other retro parties and meetings too :)

Programming: Sordan (sorrdan@yahoo.ie)
Graphics: Aszu
Music: JMD

Requirements: Amiga OCS, 020 + 2MB CHIP RAM (perhaps also working good on 
000 with FAST RAM but was not tested on that configuration)

Crazy Priest Extra is freeware, however we are planning to make 
a collector's box version of the game, included CD, instruction, some extra 
levels and maybe even some additionals gifts as well, such as poster 
or fridge magnet for low price soon.

Amos Pro 2.0 was used and game was made ONLY on real Amiga, no WinUAE at all!

How to launch the game: Simply click twice on the icon. All data such as
objects, graphics, samples, musics, levels are implemented in one file so 
no assign or special instructions are required.

How to play: Use Joystick to move your Crazy Priest. For place a bomb press
just fire. For shot first use a joy direction (up, down, left or right) 
then fire. To finish the level you have to collect all diamonds. Use keys
to open the doors. Press ESC to kill your Crazy Priest and restart level.
You can exit from program anytime by pressing ctr+c.

Why executable file is that big?
- lame code :)
- graphics in EHB mode (64 colors)
- a lot of samples (500kb) 
- track module (200kb)