Work Without Rules by Battle of the Bits [web]

Title: Rob feat th4 D34D - Work Without Rules - A Megadrive demo by Minerscale


We present to the BotB fam, a very special Megadrive demo!
Music by Rob and th4 D34D, demo coded by Minerscale. Art assets created by Minserscale and Th4 D34D (plus Delta Razero and Tobikomi on the intro logos).

Inspired by all the excellent Nintendo demo action lately, stirred up by DevEd, Pigu and AugustusBlkheart, we decided to bring the action over to the FM competition. Rob laid down some sweet melodies, bumpin bass lines and smooth rhythms. Th4 D34D extended, added to the piece, and adjusted the sound design aspects. Then a very busy Minerscale went to work coding and creating the Megadrive demo from scratch! All programming, production and editing was handled by Minerscale himself (while simultaneously finishing school projects and trying to stay sane) while th4 D34D helped out with the seamless backgrounds and editing a couple other art assets. Finished just in time!

You can view a video render of the demo here (uploaded for this battle):

And check out the source code:

Thank you for listening/watching!

The rom will only work in KEGA Fusion and the track will absolutely not work correctly at all in Gens/Kmod (the visuals will be intact, but the audio is heavily glitched).