Eerie Forest by Logon System

one-screen intro on cartridge for Amstrad GX4000, 464+ & 6128+
by Overflow/Logon System & TotO at Alchimie Party 2017

Disclaimer: most of the material is copyright Psygnosis 1989,
from "(Shadow of the) Beast" game by Reflections.
Music is a conversion from the original MOD by David Whittaker.
GFX are either converted from, or inspired by the game -
mainly Amiga version, but also Megadrive & Lynx versions.

Main code and conversions done in January & February 2017.
Then: one month more before the party - to polish the screen.
Thanks to TotO for his kindly help - to rise the quality even higher:
design (with logos at bottom/top), more (animated) sprites, emphasis on details.

This intro has a goal: promote Amstrad GX4000 as one of the most powerful 8bit platforms.
Now that Gerald has designed a SD-cartridge (see http://www.cpcwiki.eu/index.php/C4CPC),
that's an easy job to show that GX4000 is not the crap most of people were lauhging at.
Just think about: is this what a possible "Amiga 8bit" could look and sound like?

Used tools are:
Winape           emulator
SJasm+           asm
Crimson Editor   editing asm source
BlitzBasic       generating data
Frhed            checking files
OpenMPT          analysing mod
Audacity         saving samples
PaintShop Pro    gfx conversions