radiohuuto by Mewlers

Radiohuuto by mewlers, final version
released at lobotomia 2000, quite unfinished

Rainmaker - gfx, scene & design
216 - code
Synteesi - music
Woody, Honeybunny, Nosfe, Dixan, Uncle-x - support

Doesn't use any 3d accelration, may crash
under windows. That's all i have to say.

Greets to VLP, coma, coral, mfx, haujobb,
pwp, spinning kids, tsygä, halcyon, other
oldskool people and others we forgot.

And about radiohuuto, as said in the demo:
It is known amongst certain precognitive
communities, that radiohuuto is a mixture
of several wavelengths, and is used mainly
by the government to control it's inhabitants.
Futhermore, to be concise, it can be concluded,
that radiohuuto is a very very very effective
method of introducing confusing nausea. That's
all we can tell you about it, the rest is too
heavy stuff.

btw. kraku on seksipeto