kunto by Loonies [web]


                       a short A500 demo by Loonies

              Sole entry in the Oldskool Demo Competition at
                           TRSAC FU, August 2002

     Runs on any Amiga with at least 512kb chip ram and 1Mb total ram

                       Code and design by Blueberry
                             Graphics by Maytz
                               Music by Reed

   All effects except the fading tori run in full 50fps on a plain A500.
             All graphics were drawn on a PC using Photoshop.
         The music was made back in 1995 but not spread until now.

            For more information and our other releases, visit

                   This is a buggy preliminary release.
        Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't (and you'll know).
          If it doesn't, just try again, perhaps after a reboot.
              A fixed version will be released when possible.