The Checkerboardening by Newline

The Checkerboardening By newline.
An entry for the Checkerboard Challenge 

320x256@50Hz, 7 Layers, no STe needed.

1MB Atari ST.

Music: Mr.Coke/newline.
Code: tIn/newline.

Party version. For 1MB machines it's
probably best to use a low memory foot-
print TOS like 1.04 or so.

Technical info
This is a small attempt to up the Amiga 
challenge by using a normal Atari ST 
(not STe). On STe  and Amiga it's very 
easy to do this many and even much more 
layers - but w/o blitter, no way to 
change the screen address mid screen 
the ST is a pretty challenging target.

This screens draws everything you see 
every frame via CPU in 50Hz and in 16 
colors - every single pixel every single
frame. Also every pixel is 
masked. This is no bitmap stream.

Unfortunately I had no time left for 
design, optimizing the fill routine 
(which is slow as heck) or debugging. 
Every layer is movable in X/Y indepen-
dently and Xwidth/Ywidth can be chosen 
freely per row/column. Also this rout 
can display transparency but now, one
hour before deadline its to risky to 
add that. And big sorry for those 
lousy fly-pathes. That's both something 
for the final, I guess.
Also, some interactivity would have 
been nice, but I had to remove that
thanks to the deadline.

Now, that was fun.


Mr. Coke, Axis, Slator, Shylock, NaN, 
Front 6, Samurai, Fried, Thyroxin, Tat, 
Mr. Ni!, Insh_Allah, Wingleader, Bonus, 
Havoc, Cronos, Lsl, DanH, Agent T, 
Lotek Style, Insane, Slator, Yazoo, 
Sphinx, Veto, Thorn, Jookie, Jora, 
Gunstick, Troed, Leonard, Jacky, Splash, 
Jora ,Sammy Joe, Tyrem, Mad Max, 
Oxygene, Daryl, ES, Chris, SPKR, evil