Bad Apple by Excess Team & SandS [web]

Nick/Realname: Lasoft, Adam Bazaroff, Manwe
Group: Excess team & the SandS
Full name of work: Bad Apple!!
Compo: Wild compo
Platform: BK 0011М
Duration (minutes): ~4min

Special for Multimatograf 2018


Elektronika BK 0011М running at 6Mhz
HDD controller (SMK-64 or better)
Compact Flash card as an IDE device
Covox (mono or stereo) connected to the printer port

What we propose:
21,72 frames per second
Sound: 22697 Hz stereo

Original video: Anira
Original soundtrack: Masayoshi Minoshima, Nomico

You can download BK0010(11M) emulator here http://gid.pdp-11.ru (Windows only)
Don’t forget to choose Stereo Covox in options.
Set 6 MHz speed by entering 7720000 into the “CPU” field in registers dump window.