Strap by Limp Ninja [web]


all things Bruce.

released at Outline 2018, ranked first

Recycles parts of the Paddock codebase.

Uses Cooper Hewitt typeface
Uses environment maps from noemotionhdrs.net
Uses purchased stock art meshes from [I forgot where]
Uses BASS and its NativeBass JVM bindings
Uses color grading templates found in Adobe Photoshop's color grading tools
Uses OpenStreetsMap maps
Uses subtitles generated from Twin Peaks (seasons 1 and 2) subtitles
Uses Java 9.0.1
Uses Kotlin 1.2.31
Uses OPENRNDR 0.3.13

Runs at acceptable framerates on a XPS 15 9560 (Intel i7 7700HQ, NVidia GTX 1050)

This all started with a simple gradient descent based solver for IK. I tried to apply the solver to generate real-time
gait animations, which is fun but much harder to get right than I had initially thought. The narrative in Strap is a bit
under developed because it was written by the process of merging small experiments together.

First time I worked HDR skyboxes and irradiance maps but in the end most of it turned out to be too dim and SDR looking.
First time I worked with shadow maps, turned out OK but I couldn't use them in the way I wanted (self shadowing on the
human shaped meshes).
First time I worked with normal maps, that's mostly OK looking but the SSLR has a lot of temporal aliasing, which looks
both good and bad.
First time I worked with IK, it still looks clumsy and it is running in real-time for no good reason. Better to precalc
it next time and use the gained stability for creating more complex animations.