The twist by Team "The Twist"


"The Twist"


by Team "The Twist"

Released at Sommarhack 2018


This demo works on an Atari ST with:
  * 512kB RAM
  * HDD
  * HDDriver v8.46:
      * one partition
      * all caches off
      * no extra folders installed
      * Fast ACSI checked in
        HHDRUTIL.APP -> Settings ->
        SCSI Driver
  * No accessories or other software
    using memory loaded

With the above settings, HDDriver
reports it is using 45k of RAM, which
leaves enough memory for a 512kB
machine to run this demo.

If you have more RAM, you should be
able to get away with other settings
and maybe even other harddisk drivers.

NOTE for Cosmo Sex users: This demo
does not run from a network-mapped
drive. You need to copy it to a local
partition first. This seems to be a
GEMDOS problem, and not our fault.

For people complaining about the demo
requiring a harddisk (we know who you
are!), we can create a floppy version
of this demo (albeit without our
FANTASTIC easter egg). It is available
on request, and if we can be bothered.



    Excellence in Art 2018

    Excellence in Art 2018 (using
    Arkos Tracker 2 by Targhan, ST
    replay by ggn, SID thanks to PHF &

Additional code:
    Excellence in Art 2018



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