tunnelSM by atariBDSM

Title:          tunnelSM
Authors:        Marquise Liebling Pejcz and Count Ulrich von Chain
Group:          atariBDSM
Category:       Atari XL/XE - Intro 256B
HW Config:      Atari 800XL/65XE/800XE/130XE/XEGS, PAL/NTSC
OS Firmware:    BB000000 rev. 1, BB000001 rev. 2, BB000001 rev. 3, BB000001 rev. 4
Atari firmware: Revision B, Revision C
SW solution:    Asmasic (fine mixture of ass-embly and BASIC caning)

Running instruction:
    Boot DOS II/D disk with Atari BASIC enabled
    Enter DOS in Atari BASIC.
    Have patience and enjoy two months of hardcore optimization work.

    Hit 'F7' in Atari800Win or select 'Warp Speed' in Altirra for faster initialization.

Quick facts:
        File header - $6 octets.
        BASIC initialization - $19 octets.
        Procedural texture generation - $1f octets.
        BASIC one-liner - $5f octets
        SM animation - $3 octets.
        Speed code generation - $59 octets.
    Precalculation time:
        6502   1.79 MHz - ~24 minutes.