Closing by Le Laboratoire D

Sorry this may be the last Laboratoire D demo :(
It has been a great pleasure to release theses, wow, 4 demos during this year
since last december. (And more if we count the Laboratoire Prout demos) 
I'm moving to new adventures but of course I will come back later probably 
helping Cookies or SWYNG for their futures demos.

If D/Labs authorize me I will continue to support the Smode Demoplayer used in
all Laboratoire D demos feel free to ask me julien(dot)deloor(at)gmail(dot)com
If you are interested to release a demo with smode.

Yeah finally it's here 

After the failed release at evoke because of a player bug 45 min before the 
deadline, Closing is finally here at Cookie Demoparty 2018 much better than at 

I started this demo after watching X-Men and LNX demos inspired from this video

X-Men and LNX produced demos similar to this video, so I decided to close the 
debate with this one, showing who is the boss here ;) 

I would thank all the people that have contributed to this and make this demo 
 - Gresy of PikaFire that allowed me to use his wonderfull track
 - L-Sync for all the stuff he produced with MAYA for the demo at evoke 
 - Valentin Bachelot which did most of the first truck scene 
 - TDM for the famous seascape shadertoy that I used (a bit modified)
 - Claire for showing me how to make mustaches for the truck in 2 clicks on 
 - Eybor for the party support and some shader code
 - DoctorGekil who did a track I finally didn't use because the original story 
 completely changed (I'm sorry about that :( )
 - Francis, Qlex, Hancem, Vincent, Walter heen for SMODE and all the tricks that
 I learned at D/LABS
And of course I want to thanks all the people at Cookies: Ponk, Koltes, 
Flopine, lsdlive, Bobby Trebor, Phaazon, xt95, CoyHot and all the other I forgot 
to put their names for theses great years past in Paris, I'm sure this party 
will be incredible.  

 - PikaFire label facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pikafirerecords/
 - DoctorGekil soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/doctor-gekil
 - L-Sync chiptune soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/l-sync
 - TDM seascape shader: https://www.shadertoy.com/view/Ms2SD1
 - Smode website: http://smode.fr/

WOW I never released something with a NFO before I'm so early :)

lamogui, over